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Ridesharing has become a popular transportation method for many people who travel or need to carpool. Many companies like Uber offer a simple way to access a local driver to take a rider wherever they need to go. While this service has shown success and provides great benefits to passengers, accidents while riding in an Uber or collisions with an Uber driver still occur on the road. With over one million Uber drivers in the United States on the streets each day, some passengers and other drivers on the road endure injuries from a car collision with a rideshare car. Personal injury lawyers at Karns & Karns are available to help you file an injury claim if you have suffered injuries in a Bakersfield Uber accident.

Common Injuries After a Car Accident

Car collisions are traumatic experiences for anyone involved. Commonly in ridesharing, many passengers fail to wear a seatbelt if traveling short distances. Regardless of where one sits in a moving vehicle, not wearing a seatbelt may lead to serious injury in a collision. Depending on the type of accident one is involved in, the types of injuries and severity of damage may vary. 

Common injuries after an auto accident include: 

  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries 
  • Broken or fractured bones 
  • Internal organ damage 
  • Head, neck, or back injury 
  • Muscle tears or strains 
  • Other injuries 

Car accident victims can suffer various injuries depending on the speed of the cars, the severity of the impact, and other factors of a car collision. Uber drivers can get into car collisions or play a role in causing an accident because of different elements within the scope and routine of their job. 



Reasons Why Uber Car Accidents Occur

To ensure the safety of others on the road and of their passengers, rideshare drivers have to meet the requirements of the company they are seeking employment from. Uber, for instance, requires its drivers to provide a valid driver’s license, three years of driving experience if under twenty-five years of age, and an eligible four door vehicle. 

The daily routine of many full-time drivers includes:

  • Long hours of driving to earn an income
  • Using GPS and app functions on an electronic device
  • Dealing with the stress of driving and getting riders to their destination

Uber drivers may get into a car collision for various reasons. Some are listed below:

Distracted Driving

Operating GPS, using the Uber application functions to accept rides, and communicating with passengers via text or phone call can cause major distractions for the Uber driver while on the road.

Driver Fatigue

Depending on the hours they work, a rideshare driver is often on the road for long periods. This may lead to fatigue, increasing their risk of an accident. 


Rideshare drivers receive opportunities for rides while their app is running. Many drivers try to get riders to their destinations as soon as possible to increase their chances of picking up other riders and earning more. Speeding, in whatever capacity, can cause an accident on the road. 

Navigating Unfamiliar Roads

Since Uber drivers have a navigation map on their device while they are driving, they may get lost and lose focus on the road they are driving on. If there is a directional error or they go the wrong direction, hesitating and getting lost may increase their chances of causing an accident. 

Unsafe Pick-Up or Drop-Offs

Many accidents can occur with ride-sharing due to unsafe pick-up or drop-off situations. When drivers arrive at a location, they need to park safely and ensure they are not putting themselves or their passengers in danger. 


While rideshare companies have basic requirements for their drivers, young individuals and less experienced drivers are not entirely excluded from the opportunity to drive. This may play a role in their decision-making and errors on the road. 

Lack of Vehicle Maintenance

Rideshare companies require their drivers to use a functioning four-door vehicle, but they are not responsible for its maintenance. If a driver causes an accident due to brake malfunction, lack of car maintenance, or another form of neglect, they may be held liable in the case of an accident. 

While there are multiple reasons that an Uber accident may occur, it may be complex to prove negligence and liability in the case of an accident. In California, at-fault insurance laws can help ensure that a liable party covers the costs of damages you have endured in an Uber accident. In addition, depending on the coverage a driver has at the time of the ride, there may be different methods of retrieving compensation if they are fully liable. 

Determining Liability in a California Rideshare Accident

In an at-fault state, negligence needs to be proven to determine who is responsible for an accident. If you were in a car accident with an Uber or rideshare driver in California, the amount of coverage available depends on the circumstances of the accident and what the driver was doing at the time. 

Levels of liability depend on whether:

  • The rideshare driver had a passenger at the time of the accident or was picking up an accepted ride. 
  • At the time, the Uber driver was logged into the app and waiting for a passenger. 
  • The Uber driver was not logged into the app during the accident, and was instead driving on their own time. 

If the Uber driver is proven to be responsible for the accident, an injured driver or passenger can file a claim against the Uber driver. Coverage may be provided by the commercial policy of the rideshare company if the driver’s current coverage does not cover the full extent of costs and damages.

What if I Was Not Wearing a Seatbelt at the Time of the Uber Accident?

If you were not wearing a seatbelt in the Uber accident, you might carry some negligence as a driver or passenger. In this case, choosing not to use a seat belt may hinder your chance to recover compensation, and you may not be able to recover the full extent of payment owed to you. 

However, even if this defense may reduce your damages, you can still pursue compensation for the liable party’s negligence. With a skilled and experienced Bakersfield Uber accident lawyer, you can rest assured that your claim is filed correctly and you are given expert legal aid.

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