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Over the last few years, ridesharing companies like Uber have seen substantial growth in their services. Many people use ridesharing as a method of transportation each day. While ridesharing and carpooling are popular choices for many riders, it does not come without the risk of car accidents and injuries. Though rideshare drivers have to meet basic requirements of experience there are many reasons that Uber accidents may occur. Passengers and other drivers sharing the road with rideshares can seek to file a claim against a negligent driver and pursue compensation for enduring an accident. At Karns & Karns Law Firm, our injury lawyers understand injury laws and how to gather evidence and manage a case after an Oxnard Uber accident.

Common Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Car accident injuries vary among the injured, but there are commonalities among the type of injuries that victims may sustain because of the impact of a traumatic event. Depending on the speed cars are traveling in, the severity of a collision, and other factors such as the type of accident and if the injured person was wearing a seatbelt. Though seatbelts do not guarantee survival in a crash, they still play a role in preventing serious injury in an auto accident. 

Typical car accident injuries: 

  • Whiplash 
  • Head, neck, and back injuries 
  • Broken or fractured bones 
  • Muscle strains, pulls, or other injuries 
  • Internal injuries and bleeding 
  • Burns and injury to the skin 
  • Nerve damage
  • Different types of injuries and permanent damage

Whether you were a passenger or driver in an Uber accident, you have the right to seek compensation for the damage and injury you have sustained. Uber accidents may occur for many reasons. Our attorneys at Karns & Karns can help you understand the laws and processes of filing a claim to hold the company and driver responsible for an accident. 



Why Do Uber Accidents Happen?

Rideshare drivers undergo an essential preliminary screening to determine their eligibility for driving with the company they intend to provide this service as an independent contractor. Any experienced driver with a valid license, who meets the state age requirements, the years of driving experience needed for the company, and a background check can potentially gain employment reasonably quickly. In addition, the primary insurance requirement for the state and a functioning four-door car is among the basic needs for a driver to begin accepting rides. With over a million Uber drivers in the United States, there are different reasons an accident may occur. 

Reasons rideshare accidents may occur: 

  • Distracted driving due to GPS and app use while driving 
  • Speeding 
  • Driver fatigue 
  • Getting lost on unfamiliar roads 
  • Unsafe pick up or drop off locations
  • Lack of vehicle maintenance 
  • Other causes and circumstances

With so many rideshare drivers on the road each day across the U.S., heavily populated areas can become highly competitive for many drivers within a given proximity to accept riders. These drivers may speed and disobey traffic laws to get to a destination quicker and, in turn, have an opportunity to take more ride opportunities and collect more income. Along with other factors that increase the risk of rideshare accidents, drivers can quickly get into an accident when multitasking, increasing the risk of harm for passengers and other drivers. 

Can I File a Claim After an Accident With a Rideshare Driver in California?

In an at-fault state such as California, you may be wondering what the injury claim process may look like as a driver or passenger in a collision where an Uber driver is responsible. Under comparative negligence, the parties deemed negligent and liable for causing an auto accident have to cover the costs and compensation of those injured. If you are determined to have a percentage of negligence in a case, for instance, if a passenger was not wearing a seatbelt, you still have the right to pursue legal action against the other party, depending on the percentage of fault applied to you. 

Determining Liability After an Uber Accident 

Determining liability after a rideshare accident may be complex for various reasons. For Uber accidents, liability is defined as whether the accident occurred when a driver accepted a ride, had the app on, and was waiting for a passenger, or whether the app was off and a driver was on their own time. 

Depending on when the accident occurred and who was negligent in the accident, liability can vary. If the Uber driver is responsible for the collision and you were either a passenger or other driver, their insurance policy may cover the damages. If the damages exceed their policy, the Uber company can be held liable to cover the full extent owed to you from their insurance policy

Compensation Recovery After an Uber Accident 

Much like in a traditional California auto accident, compensation recovery is broken into different types of damages. After a car collision, non-negligent or partially-negligent parties can recover compensation owed to them by the liable parties. This may include compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and bills, emotional or mental health damage, loss of wages, and other forms of compensation. Seeking an experienced attorney that understands rideshare company insurance policies, California law, and proving liability can help you put your best foot forward when pursuing compensation from an Uber injury claim. 

Call Karns & Karns Personal Injury Lawyers After a Car Accident to File a Claim Successfully

The personal injury lawyers at Karns & Karns have helped thousands of clients by managing personal injury claims, collecting factual evidence to support their claims, and guiding clients with sound legal advice. Bringing over 65 years of collective experience to every injury case, our legal team is dedicated to helping clients understand their rights and pursue compensation after a car accident. 

If you are a passenger or driver injured by another driver’s negligence on the road, our team is available to get your claim filed within the deadline. At Karns & Karns, we understand what you may be going through and how being rightly compensated can help you throughout the recovery process. To schedule a free consultation with our skilled attorneys, you can fill out a contact form or give us a call at (888) 381-8044.


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