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Accidents and traumatic events can happen because of different circumstances, but unfortunately, fatalities can occur when accidents or wrongdoings happen. This is the case for many victims of preventable or wrongful death cases. When neglect, wrongful acts, and avoidable accidents cause fatalities, the individuals and parties responsible may be held liable for their role in the death of an individual.

At Karns & Karns, we have helped many families impacted by the loss of their close family members by gathering the necessary information for a claim and defending their rights. Surviving family members eligible to collect compensation can benefit from hiring a skilled attorney knowledgeable in these cases. The financial hardship and various non-economic losses following the victim’s death can be challenging to navigate independently.

Understanding Wrongful Death in California

In California, wrongful death is recognized as the death of an individual caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another. Generally surviving family members have two years from the date of death to file a claim. These cases can be complex because various elements are needed to discover a death has occurred and what the true circumstances were behind the fatal event.

Wrongful death cases must prove: 

  • An individual has died. 
  • The death is attributed to another’s neglect or harmful intent. 
  • Surviving family members have endured financial difficulties since the victim’s death.
  • An individual has been appointed representative for the victim’s estate. 

Regardless of the circumstances leading to the death of an individual, a wrongful death case must show proof of wrongdoing, neglect, or liability on part of the responsible party. Like other civil claims, there is a standard of proof that needs to be met in these cases. An experienced lawyer that understands wrongful death laws in California can research the details of the event and how the negligent parties caused the death of your loved one. With an experienced and strategized defense, you’ll rest assured that you are putting your best foot forward.



Typical Causes of Accidents That Result in Fatalities

Wrongful death cases vary in accidents and circumstances that cause fatalities and tragic deaths for many victims. However, there is a cause of neglect, wrongdoing, or malicious intent that accompanies most of these cases. At Karns & Karns, our legal team has 65 years of collective experience handling various wrongful death cases and helping families recover the monetary compensation that can help relieve the financial hardship they may endure as the victim’s family. 

Types of wrongful death cases include:

  • Auto accidents and drunk driving 
  • Homicide or manslaughter cases 
  • Medical error or wrongdoing by a medical professional 
  • Product defect or malfunction 
  • Workplace accidents leading to death 
  • Truck accidents 
  • Pedestrian accidents 
  • Plane crashes 
  • Other severe accidents and fatal events 

When tragic and unfortunate events occur and death is a result, there are many challenges that a surviving family can face. It may be very frightening to think about facing the liable party in a courtroom or by filing a claim. However, our legal team represents our clients and builds a strategic defense for every case presented to us. We want to help protect your rights and successfully handle your wrongful death claim.

Compensation Recovery in Wrongful Death Claims

Under California law, a victim’s spouse or domestic partner, children, or individual listed in a will may be eligible to file a claim and recover the compensation for damages resulting from the victim’s death. The surviving family is often compensated for various economic and non-economic hardships that resulted from the loss of a loved one as a means to help them financially. 

As the surviving family member, you may wonder what the compensation entails for those eligible to file a wrongful death claim. In these cases, both economic and non-economic forms of compensation are considered since there are a variety of challenges that may be considered after a family member has passed away. 

Non-economic Damages 

A skilled attorney can value non-economic damages. The mental and emotional anguish, loss of care or protection a family member could have provided, loss of love or companionship, and the loss of consortium when a spouse becomes deceased are all examples of damages in this category. 

Economic Damages 

Due to the death of a family member, the surviving family often has medical bills, funeral expenses, and other economic damages due to the victim’s death. In addition, loss of wages, benefits, inheritance, expected earnings, and other monetary contributions the victim would have been able to provide for their family may be eligible to be retrieved when filing a claim. 

We understand that losing a close family member is very challenging and affects various aspects of the lives of surviving spouses, children, and other eligible dependents. Though we can’t change the accident or event that resulted in the victim’s death, there are various ways we may help the surviving family financially recover by pursuing legal action in the form of a wrongful death claim. 

How Does an Oxnard Wrongful Death Attorney Help My Case?

You may be wondering how an attorney can help and if you need to hire a lawyer after a family member is wrongfully killed. Legal teams have the expertise, practice, and long-standing knowledge of California’s wrongful death laws. Although a liable party may be eager to settle a claim with a settlement offer, you can’t guarantee that you are receiving the actual value of the case without consulting with an attorney. 

Our legal team at Karns & Karns carries many years of experience and trustworthiness among the Oxnard community in California. We want to help you by gathering the necessary proof, timely processing any documentation for your claim, and communicating throughout the claims process. You don’t have to go through filing a wrongful death claim and taking legal action on your own. Our team is available to provide the resources and strong defense that may benefit your family’s case.

Call an Oxnard Wrongful Death Lawyer at Karns & Karns for Skilled and Trustworthy Legal Aid

Over a collective 65 years of experience, the attorneys at Karns & Karns have grown a rapport and trustworthy relationship with our legal clients in California. When you are facing the challenges of the death of a family member because of a tragic event or preventable accident, our legal team is prepared to manage your case. 

Don’t be alarmed by the complexity of wrongful death cases, nor settle for a low settlement offer from a liable party. Our expert legal team will defend your rights and work aggressively to prepare an irrefutable claim on your behalf. Contact us by filling out a contact form or by calling (888) 381-8044 to schedule a free consultation.


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